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MAEA President's Message

By Phil Durst            

What is our association really about? Explaining it to new Extension Educator staff is a challenge and an opportunity and I needed to crystallize it in my own mind. Therefore, I thought about what we do, what we are and what we talk about, then boiled it down to this statement of what MAEA is about: award

“Working together with increasing excellence in our Extension efforts so that Michigan agriculture will achieve even greater success.”

As an association of members, working together is the way that we will improve and the way that we will make a difference. We are stronger together. You each bring different perspectives, experience and strengths to the table. We need each other.

Increasing excellence in our Extension work should be our objective. Excellence is not perfection; rather it is the pursuit of increased effectiveness, higher standards and greater reach. We get there by having a teachable spirit, seeking and accepting counsel from each other and not being complacent.

We do our work for a purpose: to   promote the greater success of MI agriculture. What a privilege to work with an industry that is growing, that provides food, fuel and fiber needed throughout the world and that is made up of great families and businesses. We want to see them succeed. As they succeed, Michigan succeeds. Thanks for your work to that end!

I am glad to be associated with such a great group of colleagues! Let’s continue to make MAEA and MSU Extension even better!

What's in NACAA for me?

By Tom Dudek

Your National Association of County Agricultural Agents put together a two page document titled NACAA Professional Improvement and Scholarship Opportunities Snapshot.  Download a copy of the membership brochure and see what your member benefits are.  Most educators who pay their dues have taken advantage of one or more of these opportunities. . . how about you?


2014 NACAA 99th Annual Meeting and Professional Improvement Conference (AM/PIC) - Mobile, AL

NACAA 2014


100th NACAA Annual Meeting and Professional Improvement Conference
 July 12-16, 2015 - Sioux Falls, SD


Michigan Association of Extension Agents (MAEA) is the Michigan affiliate of the National Association of County Agricultural Agents (NACAA)

The Beginnings of Michigan State University Extension
By Phil Durst

Though 2014 is the centennial of the Smith-Lever Act that established Extension as a national system, the roots of Extension in
Michigan go back further than 100 years. “Farmer’s Institutes” were sessions put on by Michigan Agricultural College (MAC) professors in rural communities beginning
in 1876, often arriving aboard trains. They extended the knowledge from the college to the field.

Kenyon Butterfield became the Michigan Superintendent of Farmer’s Institutes in 1895. According to an article in MSU Alumni Magazine (Winter 2005), Butterfield put new emphasis on improving rural education and social organizations.

President Theodore Roosevelt had the same type of rural improvement in mind. In 1908  more of this article.

We Appreciate Your Dues Payment

By Bob Battle

 NACAA appreciates dues paid by December 31st. For memberships to count toward DSA and AA awards, and our delegate count at the AM/PIC, dues must be received to NACAA by February 15th. Please pay your dues to me at the Huron County MSUE office as soon as you can.
Please contact me if you have any questions at battelro@anr.msu.edu






NACAA President

Paul Craig 2013 nacaa president 

Paul Craig


MAEA President

Phil Durst

Phil Durst

Please forward your communication award applications to Mark Longstroth at longstr7@anr.msu.edu.  
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